This martial arts school is unique … you won’t find anything else like it, anywhere in Australia.
Our head instructor is one of the most well traveled and highly qualified, contemporary martial arts instructors in the world … but more on him, and the rest of our team later; right now, we would like you to know that we are here for one reason only – to take you to a new level of skill, fitness and confidence that will permanently change your life for the better!

We know that just making the decision to find out more about the martial arts, is for some people, a brave step in itself. You have done that – well done! And you have, by either accident or design found one of the countries most progressive and cutting edge martial arts schools in Australia – so take the next step – come along and try a few classes on us and realize new levels of potential that you never knew existed!
Before we continue though, you should know that this school is not for everyone. There are many different martial arts schools, each offering there own benefits, etc.

What we are known for, are practical and workable fighting skills based on cutting edge methodologies and learning techniques. 

We are NOT a traditional martial arts school! We are NOT into speaking foreign languages and DO NOT expect our students to take on the customs and mannerisms of another culture. We DO NOT teach forms, martial dances or other ancient and traditional martial art practices. What we do offer, are cutting edge training methods, that allow you to make maximum gains in the shortest possible time. We provide you with real skills that work in the real world – and we do so via a proven method in a safe and fun environment.


Upon joining our school, everyone starts out in our introductory level class. This is a class designed to teach a broad-spectrum curriculum, that will get you moving in the right direction toward a workable set of self defence skills based on the most up-to-date training methods available. This intro class may be likened to an open-day at university; where you can expect an overview of what is on offer. The difference being; that our open-day lasts for about three months; and may be viewed as a course in it’s own right! The idea of this intro class, is to gear you up and prepare you for entry into one of our higher level, special-skills classes.

Which brings us to our next point – you will be introduced to a method of dealing with an attacker on the floor, that will allow you to take full control and ‘finish’ him off, even though he may be larger, stronger and more motivated than you are! You will learn ground controls along with a set of simple and effective chokes that can render your opponent unconscious within seconds; and you can even apply these techniques from underneath a larger, or even drug-influenced attacker. This may sound a little frightening; but don’t worry, our instructors are highly qualified, very experienced and have safely taught thousands of people these techniques. You will find the experience a lot of fun!

After three months in this intro class; you along with others that have a similar amount of training time under their belts, will be given a brief test; after the successful completion of which, you will graduate into one of our higher level classes. At this point, you have a choice: you can train in our Shootfighting classes or our BJJ classes, or even both, depending on what you want to achieve! We offer different levels of classes, as well as different types of classes, so that people can make steady progress toward achieving their goals. The higher level classes are more challenging; but also more rewarding. You will also find that after graduating through intro, novice, intermediate and advanced classes, you will very likely have formed close friendships with other class-mates, some of which may last a lifetime.

Kids program

The 'cutting edge' martial arts programs of today are far removed from that which was taught in the traditional schools of yesteryear. The principal instructor at RedCat Academy, Mr. John Will, believes that children should be exposed to a completely different syllabus from that studied by adults - and as such has developed the cutting edge 'Future Leaders' program. 'Our Future Leaders program' says Mr. Will, 'incorporates street awareness skills, body language games, physical control systems as well as other life-relevant skills that are important to today's children in today's world. For instance; it is equally important for a child to know their home phone number and be able to make a reverse charges call from a public phone booth as it is to be able to handle the school bully.'

Another important benefit to be gained from participating in a martial arts program is an increase in mental discipline. New and improved attitudes mean that we are better equipped to make correct decisions when life challenges us with new obstacles. Children with strong mental discipline, are least likely to be susceptible to peer-pressure anxieties, whilst adults learn to manage stress levels bought on by life's pressures. Many parents have reported that their children have dramatically improved their school grades after they joined our Future Leaders program. Due to increased levels of self-confidence and improved self-esteem, kids just do a lot better at school as well as at home. Better results at school and being more responsible and better behaved at home can strongly influence a child's overall success in their future career and life.

'The physical part of our Future Leaders program' says Mr. Will, 'places a big emphasis on grappling and control skills. We do not encourage our young students to solve problems by just punching and kicking their way out of a confrontation. Firstly, it just doesn't work against the larger and stronger bully; and secondly, all most all of the schoolyard incidents end up on the ground. We teach our kids how to gain and keep control of a larger person once the fight hits the ground. It's all about control; on many levels.' Mr. Will, and other staff members of the BJJ Academy travel overseas each and every year to keep abreast of the rapid changes taking place at the leading edge of martial arts development. 'We don't rest on our laurels' says Mr. Will, 'we don't teach a traditional martial arts system. We are all about real results, real-life skills. We don't just talk about it; we do it. I began my own training 35 years ago; and now, some 80 overseas training trips later; we can guarantee a world-class service. We never take short-cuts!'